The coronavirus pandemic has left us with many unknowns, including concerns over our personal financial future. In fact, if COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that we need to budget for an emergency savings fund to plan for the unexpected.

One way to make sure your financial future, including an emergency savings fund, is on track is to organize your spending and expenses. Luckily, the Truebill app has made it easy. Truebill is an all-in-one personal finance tracker, budget planner and bill reminder app.

This tool is essential for evaluating your personal finances during the pandemic. Through the app, you can create a costumed spending tracker, budget planner and bill reminder that meets your needs. You can track your spending, reduce your bills and start a savings account. Not only does Truebill help you organize and plan your budget, it can help save you money.

How does the Truebill app save you money?

Truebill helps make sure your money stays in your pocket. The app can help with the following:

  • Negotiate the best rates for utilities and cell phone bills
  • Request credits for service outages
  • Help cancel unwanted subscriptions
  • Keeps track of recurring bills to avoid late payments and overdraft fees
  • Automatically request bank fees be refunded
  • And more.

On average, app users save more than $500 a year, according to Truebill.

Now is especially the time to take action, save money and build that emergency savings fund. Truebill can help you take control of your money and work toward a secure financial future.

You can download the Truebill app today here:

  • Truebill for iOS
  • Truebill for Android phones.*


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