Facebook is ending the year with another data breach, this time with 267 million Facebook users’ personal information exposed, according to Forbes.

The monumental data breach comes after cybersecurity firm Comparitech and researcher Bob Diachenko found a database with the names, phone numbers and Facebook IDs for about 267 million users open on the web. The database was not protected by a password or other authentication requirements to access, according to Comparitech and Diachenko.

Facebook officials said they expect the information available on the database was breached before they implemented recent security changes to the social media platform.

The database was left open from Dec. 4 to Dec. 19. The database also was accessible on a hacker forum.

Facebook has had data breaches occur earlier this year and in 2018 with almost 450 million users’ information put at risk.

In July, Facebook was fined $5 billion – the largest in Federal Trade Commission history – for violating users’ privacy. The fine followed a FTC investigation that discovered Facebook allowed consulting firm Cambridge Analytica to have access to about 87 million Facebook users’ without their permission.