With all the recent data breaches involving smartphone apps, here is a compilation of breaches that might have put your personally identifiable information at risk:

  • A white-hat ethical hacker reported an Instagram vulnerability in the login form and Sync Contacts feature that puts user accounts at risk. The flaw allowed a hacker to create fraudulent accounts and link the details to real accounts to gain access to usernames, full names, and phone numbers.
  • The food delivery service DoorDash suffered a data breach that exposed the information of 4.9 million consumers, merchants, and drivers. An unauthorized user was able to expose consumers’ names, order histories, phone numbers, partial credit card and bank account numbers, and drivers’ license numbers.
  • The two hackers who stole 57 million user and driver files from Uber pled guilty to the cyberattack recently. While the hack was bad enough, Uber officials failed to report the data breach to police for a year.
  • A customer found a flaw in the 7-Eleven Fuel app that allowed him to view other customers’ account information, including names, email addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, and account balances.
  • S. government officials living abroad along with journalists, activities and academics have been targeted in a software hack using the Facebook-owned WhatsApp messaging application. The hacker gains access and takes over the users’ smartphone.

These data breaches can put your personal information at risk. Credit and identity theft protection is essential when it comes to being on top of your personal information.