T-Mobile has once again been hacked in a data breach.

Company officials are alerting customers to a recent data breach that has put their personal information at risk. The newest data breach comes after the company experienced two data breaches in the last two years. T-Mobile reported a data breach exposing personal information of about 2 million customers in August 2018 and another data breach that affected about 11 million customers in late 2019.

The company’s most recent data breach comes from a malicious attack on an email vendor. Officials called the data breach a “sophisticated attack” that allowed access to employee email accounts containing customer information. Possible information exposed includes customer names, addresses, phone numbers, account numbers and plan and billing information.

In T-Mobile’s official statement, the company said it is not aware of any stolen data being used for identity theft or other fraud.

“We regret that this incident occurred,” officials said in the statement. “We take the security of your information very seriously and while we have a number of safeguards in place to protect customer information from unauthorized access, we are also always working to further enhance security so we can stay ahead of this type of activity.”