Apple is offering a $1 million “bug bounty” to any hacker who can take over an Apple device without being supplied information from the device’s owner.

Apple Security Chief Ivan Krstic announced the $1 million bounty during the Black Hat conference held in Las Vegas last week, according to Interesting Engineering. The $1 million bounty is a significant increase compared to the $200,000 cap previously offered to hackers to breach Apple devices.

The new bug bounty also is extended to all researchers and hackers instead of the invite-only bounties Apple previously offered.  Researchers and hackers are invited to find security flaws in all the Apple platforms, including iPhones, macOS, and iCloud.

Apple officials also are offering a 50% bonus to anyone who finds coding flaws while the Apple device is still in beta.

Apple’s new bug bounty program comes at a time when companies are reporting data breaches on an almost-weekly basis. A security flaw in one of Apple’s platforms might expose millions of user information and cost the company millions –  possibly billions – of dollars.