A coordinated cyberattack has taken at least 23 government agencies in Texas offline.

Most of the agencies affected by the cyberattack were smaller local governments, according to the Texas Department of Information Resources. The cyberattack has been tracked to a single threat actor.

Officials first became aware of the attack when they had trouble accessing network data. They detected ransomware had affected the networks of the 23 agencies, forcing them offline. Officials said the attack activated the Texas State Operations Center with staff working around the clock to bring the networks back online.

The cyberattacks in Texas come after a recent report that ransomware attacks have gone up 500% this year compared to this time last year. Ransomware is a type of malware cybercriminals use to prevent users from accessing files or networks unless a ransom is paid.

In the last few months ransomware has shut down a Georgia court system, three Florida cities, and the city of Baltimore set aside $10 million in emergency funding after experiencing a ransomware attack and refusing to pay the $80,000 ransom demand.