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✓ Verified Customer

“What I love about IdentityIQ services is their alerts. I continue to get alerts about my identity, as well as any credit issues. This is something I enjoy because it gives me peace of mind every single day knowing that its being worked on and monitored.”

5 star rating

Sonika Lara

✓ Verified Customer

“Great service. Helped me understand my credit score and what was negatively impacting it so I could work at improving my score. Definitely recommend IdentityIQ.”

5 star rating

Trenton Teat

✓ Verified Customer

“Great company! First round was awesome! One of my credit bureaus already in the 700s. Looking forward to the second round. Thank you!”

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The Best Credit Monitoring and Cybersecurity Service in the Industry

Identity Theft Insurance

Secure your finances with up to $1 million in identity theft coverage.*

Real-Time Credit Monitoring

3-Bureau credit report monitoring allows you to spot early signs of identity theft.

Dark Web Monitoring

Get notified if your sensitive information gets leaked on the dark web.

Why Do Thieves Steal Your Identity?

What would you do if your identity was stolen? Questions start to flood your mind, leading you down a path of trying to figure out how and where this could have happened and you can’t help but feel violated and insecure. The two questions we all end up having are: why did they steal my identity and more importantly what will they do with my identity? While it’s often difficult to make sense of why a criminal does something, we can help identify a few of the most common things criminals do with a stolen identity.

  • Open new credit cards in your name
  • Make fraudulent purchases
  • Log in to personal accounts (email, social media, bank, etc…)
  • Open new phone and utility accounts in your name
  • Clone your ATM or debit card
  • Change your billing address
  • Obtain a new driver’s license or official ID
  • Use your identity when questioned by police

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