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  • 3-Bureau Credit Reports & Scores
  • Real-Time Credit Report Monitoring
  • Financial Account Monitoring
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1 in 4 Americans have reported being victims of identity theft ¹

More than 1.5 billion personal records have been exposed in data breaches ²

Cybercriminals are stealing more than $1.5 trillion globally each year ³

How IdentityIQ Protects You

1. Sign Up

In order to get started with IdentityIQ, you only need to provide a few pieces of information. Our sign up process is quick and simple and you will be done within minutes.

2. You're On Our Radar

With our advanced tools, we give you insight into changes to your credit report and monitor your personally identifiable information. 4

3. We Alert

We want to empower you to see changes as they occur and act quickly if something unexpected happens. If we find or identify suspicious activity, we notify you.

4. We Restore

If you become the victim of an identity thief, we have a team of experts available to assist you in taking the steps needed to restore your identity. The more quickly your identity is recovered can mean less money lost and less hassle for you.

5. Financial Peace of Mind

Offering up to $1 million in identity theft insurance, IdentityIQ provides the financial peace of mind you need if you experience loss of funds or out of pocket expenses. 5

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Select Your Plan

IdentityIQ features provide you with peace of mind and a variety of plans that allow you to choose what best fits your needs.

Complete Credit & Identity Protection

Credit Reports & Scores

Monthly reporting from TransUnion®, Experian™ and Equifax®

Real-Time Credit Monitoring

3-Bureau credit report monitoring allows you to spot early signs of identity theft.

Identity Theft Insurance

Secure your finances with up to $1 million in identity theft coverage.*

Dark Web Monitoring

Get notified if your sensitive information gets leaked on the dark web.

IdentityIQ vs. Our Competitors

When comparing similar-priced plans, IdentityIQ benefits go beyond with our tools and features.

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