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    How Can Biometrics Prevent Identity Theft?

    In an increasingly online world, digital safety is more important than ever. Biometrics has emerged as a powerful tool in the fight against identity theft. This article delves into the various biometric authentication methods, [...]

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    Improve Your Credit Score with Utility Payment Reporting

    Have you ever wondered if there's a way to improve your credit score beyond the traditional methods of using credit cards and loans? Now there is. Utility payment reporting, offered by IdentityIQ, allows your [...]

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    3 Ways Rent Payment Reporting Improves Your Credit

    Have you ever wished you could get credit for your on-time rent payments? Now you can. IdentityIQ, a leading provider of identity theft protection and credit monitoring services, now offers rent payment reporting. This [...]

Identity Theft Education & Tips

Identity theft, data breaches, scams and frauds are constantly changing as criminals discover new ways to access your vulnerable data. Stay informed with credit and identity theft monitoring and up to date with industry news to get ahead of thieves. Check out the most recent headlines and tips, so you can keep your information secure.

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Family Protection

Building and protecting credit and personal information is important for all ages. Learn how to keep you and your children safe in the digital age.
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Credit Monitoring

Whether you are paying off debt or trying to build your credit, actively staying on top of your credit scores and reports is vital. Learn more with these helpful resources and stories.
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Data Breaches

Another day and another data breach is making news. Learn more about the most recent data breaches and how they can affect you.
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Digital Security

From online shopping to filling out forms to posting on social media, we put our personal information online all the time. Learn how to keep your information private with helpful tips and stories.
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Identity Theft

Unfortunately, everyone is at risk for identity theft. Don’t be an easy target. Learn more about identity theft in the news and why actively monitoring your personal information might be able to stop identity thieves in their tracks.
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Scams and Fraud

Whether it’s a phishing email, phone scam, or a criminal going through your trash for discarded bank statements or tax returns, you need to know how to protect your personal information. Learn about the most recent tricks so you don’t fall victim.
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What Is ID Theft?

What motivates someone to commit identity theft and how would you be affected if your personal information got into the wrong hands?

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We combine our services with the power of advanced business information resources to assist you in the event of identity theft.

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IdentityIQ offers a variety of identity and credit protection packages that allow you to choose the best plan for your needs and budget.

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