Temecula, California, May 12, 2020 – IDIQ, the company behind the credit and identity theft monitoring IdentityIQ® brand, today launched DataBreachIQ® services to help businesses prepare and manage data security breaches. The new service comes at a time when businesses are experiencing an unprecedented number of data breaches, including at the Small Business Administration during the recent rollout of government relief funding in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

As businesses applied for emergency loans as part of the SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program, a software glitch exposed sensitive data from about 8,000 small businesses. If a small business believes it was impacted by this EIDL breach, DataBreachIQ services can be of help.

DataBreachIQ services provide planning, monitoring and response support every step of the way. Services range from pre-breach planning to post-breach events, so your business is ready to act. Full-service features include a dedicated account manager to help each business develop a customized response plan; response preparation resources; security awareness training; cyber liability insurance through Data Security Risk Purchasing Group; notification support; and legal and public relations referrals.

“Preparing for the growing risk of a data breach is a necessity in today’s business world,” said Scott Hermann, CEO and co-owner of IDIQ and one of the leading experts in data breach management. “No one is immune, especially when we see a respected government agency experience a data breach during the most vulnerable time this country has experienced in modern history.”

Brandon Brahms, IDIQ’s director of product development, said while businesses might be doing everything possible to keep their data secure, the risk has grown exponentially, especially as employees work from home.

“Businesses need to be prepared before a breach happens,” he said. ”Many times, businesses look for the solution after the breach has occurred. We’re offering the solution before a breach has happened.”

Being prepared for a data breach means knowing each state’s regulations and having a plan in place for a faster notification response time, which can make all the difference to consumers.

“Notifications can go out quickly, allowing customers to act before identity thieves can strike,” Brahms said.

Implementing DataBreachIQ services before a breach provides companies with the following resources:

* $250,000 of cyber liability insurance through Data Security Risk Purchasing Group

* Breach readiness planning

* Response preparation resources

* Dedicated account manager

* Discounted credit and identity theft monitoring products for employees

* Secure partner portal

* Informational resources

Available DataBreachIQ services after a breach has been discovered include:

Partner Benefits

* Customer notification fulfillment and support notification templates

* Consumer and customer service scripts

* Legal and public relations referrals

Consumer Benefits

* Identity and credit monitoring

* $1 million in identity theft insurance underwritten by AIG

* User-friendly sign ups

* Dedicated toll-free phone number

* U.S.-based consumer service support

* Identity theft resolution case managers

For more information on DataBreachIQ services, visit www.DataBreachIQ.com.

About IDIQ: IDIQ® is recognized as one of the fastest-growing industry leaders in credit and identity theft monitoring and data breach preparation. With the IdentityIQ®, DataBreachIQ® and MyScoreIQ® brands, the company delivers credit information, education and protection that benefits consumers and businesses. The company features 100% U.S.-based customer service and support. For more information, visit www.idiq.com.