Bitcoin ATM Scams: What You Need to Know

Bitcoin, the popular digital currency, has opened new avenues for online transactions and investments. While its decentralized nature offers benefits, it has also created opportunities for scammers to exploit unsuspecting individuals. With the growing prevalence of Bitcoin ATMs (also known as Bitcoin kiosks), it's essential to be aware of the potential scams and take [...]

How to Help Protect Adults from Romance Scams

We all deserve happiness and connection. Whether starting fresh after a breakup or coping with loneliness, many people turn to online dating sites and apps hoping to find a partner. While the internet has opened new avenues for people to connect, it has also enabled scammers to exploit those whose are vulnerable. What Is [...]

How Do You Protect Yourself from Credit Card Skimmers?

Credit card skimmers are illegal devices that criminals use at payment points of service, including ATMs, gas stations, and merchant credit card terminals, to steal consumer card information. While credit card skimming can happen anywhere, there are some ways to help protect yourself. Here's what you need to know. What Is Credit Card Skimming? [...]

Identity Theft Can Leave Victims on the Hook for Tax Refund Advance Loans

Tax season presents opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit unsuspecting taxpayers through a range of scams. One particular scam involves identity theft and the misuse of tax refund advances. These advances allow filers to receive a portion of their expected refund quickly, but scammers have found ways to capitalize on this service, leaving victims on [...]

How to Protect Yourself from Investment Fraud

Investing is a great way to put your money to work and generate passive income. However, lucrative investing opportunities come with risks, and it's important to be cautious. Legitimate investing is risky by nature, but investors also have to face the additional threat of investment fraud. This comprehensive guide walks you through how to [...]

Help! Someone Is Using My Home Address Fraudulently. What Now?

It's an unsettling realization. That nagging feeling when you receive a piece of mail not meant for you, or when an unexpected package appears at your doorstep with someone else's name. Suddenly, questions begin to bubble to the surface: Why is this happening? Who is behind it? And, crucially, what potential harm lurks in [...]

How to Help Protect Against Identity Theft and Voter Fraud

Voter fraud threatens the safety of our personal information and the essence of fair and transparent elections. As a voter, it is imperative to understand and actively address this challenge to help protect your personal information from identity theft and to help maintain the integrity of elections. This practical guide offers key insights and [...]

What Is Spear Phishing and How to Avoid It

Have you ever clicked a suspicious link or opened an unexpected attachment, only to realize it was a scam? The internet, brimming with information and opportunity, can also be dangerous. That's where spear phishing comes in – a particularly cunning form of online deception. This targeted cyberattack preys on your trust and knowledge, manipulating [...]

How to Spot an Email Phishing Attempt at Work

In the modern workplace, technology is just as common as the typical morning cup of coffee. Alongside the benefits of a digitally connected office, however, is the ongoing threat of cyberattacks. Among these ever-present threats is phishing, which is a deceptively simple yet effective method cybercriminals use to compromise both business and personal accounts. [...]

Synthetic Identity Theft: What It Is and How It Works

You work hard to protect your identity. You're cautious about sharing personal information, you regularly change your passwords, and you keep an eye on your credit report. But despite your diligence, there's a form of identity theft that's becoming increasingly prevalent and is notoriously difficult to detect -- synthetic identity theft. Understanding this growing [...]

The Deep Web vs. the Dark Web vs. the Surface Web: What’s the Difference?

The internet is made of up three parts: the surface web, the deep web, and the dark web. There are key characteristics that distinguish each part, but the differences are often poorly understood – especially when it comes to the connection with cybercrime. Here’s the difference between the surface web, the deep web, and the [...]

Roblox Scams: What Parents Need to Know

By now, you've more than likely heard the cheerful chatter of your child and their friends discussing Roblox and even been nagged on more than one occasion to buy them some Robux. In this vast digital playground, creativity and imagination come to life in the form of games designed by players worldwide. But just [...]

New AI Scams to Look Out For in 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly reshaped many aspects of everyday life. As it continues to evolve and be normalized, criminals are finding creative new ways to wield AI as a weapon against our personal information and finances. The more aware you are of these tactics, the safer you can be from them. Here are [...]

How to Avoid Fake QR Code Scams

In today's tech-driven world, QR (quick response) codes are everywhere. From facilitating contactless payments to accessing menus and websites, these quick response codes offer convenience and speed and are trusted by almost everyone. But how do you know what you're getting with a QR code? Fake QR code scams have quickly become a massive [...]

Common Holiday Scams and How to Avoid Them

The holiday season is a time for celebration, giving, and spending time with loved ones. However, it's also a time when scammers are particularly active, looking to take advantage of the increased generosity and spending. Here are some of the most common holiday scams and how to help avoid them. Common Holiday Scams Online [...]

What Is a Fake Package Delivery Scam?

As the holiday season approaches, online shopping becomes increasingly popular. With the increase in online shopping comes the increased risk of falling victim to scams. One growing threat during this time is the fake package delivery notification scam. In this type of scam, fraudsters send deceptive emails or text messages claiming to be legitimate [...]

How to Help Avoid Holiday Scams This Season

Scammers take advantage of those who want to give during the holiday season, warns Credit & Debt CEO Jeff Mandel in an interview with LiveNOW from Fox. Credit & Debt is a financial planning brand under parent company IDIQ, which offers industry-leading identity theft protection and credit monitoring products through their IdentityIQ and MyScoreIQ [...]

5 Tips to Help Avoid Charity Scams This Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a day to extend a helping hand, support charitable causes, and share kindness with those in need. However, despite the noble intention of Giving Tuesday, there is an alarming concern that continues to grow – the presence of Giving Tuesday scams. These scams are designed to exploit the goodwill of donors, [...]

Holiday Online Shopping Safety Tips

The holiday shopping season is quickly approaching and will be gone before you know it. So, it's time to start checking off that gift list! Online holiday shopping brings game-changing convenience to busy shoppers, but without the proper safety best practices, online shoppers can be vulnerable to hackers, identity theft, and all other kinds [...]

How to Help Avoid Holiday Credit Card Fraud

The holiday season is the perfect time of the year to buy presents for your friends and family, but it's also a time when credit card fraud is at an all-time high.  In fact, studies have shown roughly 25% of people fall victim to credit card fraud during the holidays. Because of how common [...]

Tips to Help Avoid Internet Fraud

Today, where the internet plays a crucial role in our daily lives, it is essential to be vigilant and proactive in helping protect yourself from internet fraud. Online scams and fraudulent activities continue to evolve, targeting unsuspecting individuals and causing substantial financial and personal harm. The Federal Trade Commission released a statement analyzing annual [...]

How to Avoid Charity Scams for Israel-Hamas War Aid

If you're considering donating to help the victims of the Israel-Hamas war, it's important to be vigilant and aware of potential charity scams that could divert your hard-earned money to scammers. Criminals often fly under the radar to impersonate real charities, especially during times of conflict and war, social unrest, global health crises, or natural [...]

Smart TV Scams: How to Avoid the Growing Threat

Smart TVs – such as Roku and Amazon Fire TV sticks with streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube TV – it seems like everyone has them these days. With the ability to watch just about any show your heart desires with the click of a button, the convenience is unbeatable. But like we’ve [...]

5 Latest Amazon Scams and Tips to Avoid Them

Ah, Amazon. The go-to marketplace for anything from gadgets to groceries. You love the convenience, the variety, and, let's be honest, the near-immediate shipping. It's all fantastic, right? But lurking behind those unbeatable deals and endless aisles of products are crafty scammers who want nothing more than to hijack your comfort zone for their [...]

How to Spot Student Loan Scams

As Americans struggled through the COVID-19 pandemic, one effort to help was student loan forbearance. Federal student loans start accruing interest again this month and repayments will begin again in October. However, scammers are looking for ways to trick student loan borrowers once payments resume. According to the Federal Trade Commission, scammers are trying [...]

How Do I Get an IP PIN from the IRS?

Tax season provides an opportunity for criminals to commit tax-related identity theft using stolen taxpayer information to file tax returns and claim fraudulent tax refunds. Recovering from tax identity theft can be time-consuming and might delay any legitimate tax refund you may be owed. One way to proactively prevent tax identity theft is to [...]

How to Identify and Avoid Holiday Phishing Scams

The holiday season brings joy, celebrations, and… a surge in online scams. While you’re shopping for gifts or booking flights, hackers are plotting to trick you into revealing your personal details and financial information. Holiday phishing scams are an ongoing issue that ramps up when folks are feeling the most festive. About three-quarters of American [...]

What is Clone Phishing and How Do I Avoid It?

Nowadays, cyber threats are something we can't ignore – and as technology advances, so do the methods used by scammers. One of the most devious tricks that they use is called clone phishing. In this blog post, we dive into the world of clone phishing, shedding light on what it is, the potential risks [...]

IdentityIQ Scam Report Reveals Shocking Stats on AI Social Engineering

AI social engineering scams are on the rise, according to IDIQ Chief Innovation Officer Michael Scheumack. “AI-based social engineering scams, which were at a high percentage last year, are up 100% this year for us,” Scheumack said. IdentityIQ, a trusted identity theft and credit monitoring brand under IDIQ, recently came out with its 2022 [...]

What to Do If a Scammer Has Your Phone Number

Phone scams are surging. In the last decade, the rise in phone scams has put millions at risk. Last year, more than 70 million Americans lost nearly $40 million to phone scams. Given that number, the need for vigilance and effective countermeasures is evident. Read on to find out how scammers can get a hold [...]

‘The Scariest Thing I Have Ever Seen’: Cybersecurity Expert Calls Out Emerging Threat of AI Voice Cloning Scams

AI voice cloning scams are the newest growing threat to your identity, according to cybersecurity expert Scott Hermann. “This is, without hesitation, the scariest thing I have ever seen,” said Hermann, the founder and CEO of IdentityIQ, a top-rated financial and identity theft protection company. Hermann recently spoke with Fox News about the growing [...]

Financial Account Fraud: The Growing Threat and How to Protect Yourself

With the significant and growing dependence of online platforms for financial transactions, financial account fraud is becoming a growing concern. In fact, of all new accounts created by identity criminals last year, 62% were financial accounts according to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC). Not only does this pose a threat to every individual, [...]

How To Recover from Fraud and Identity Theft

When you find yourself caught in the web of fraud and identity theft, it's natural to feel overwhelmed. The good news is you don't have to face it alone. There are dedicated support systems and valuable resources in place to help victims recover from identity theft. And when you act quickly with an identity [...]

The Rise of AI Social Engineering Scams

In today's digital age, social engineering scams have become an increasingly prevalent threat. In fact, last year, scams accounted for 80% of reported identity compromises to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC). This was a 3% increase compared to the previous year. Social engineering scams leverage psychological manipulation to deceive individuals and exploit the [...]

The Growing Threat of Google Voice Scams

Imagine this: You're eagerly selling an antique dresser on Facebook Marketplace and a prospective buyer communicates interest in it. However, they express concern that you may be trying to scam them. In an effort to establish your credibility as a legitimate seller, they request you confirm your identity with a verification code. Soon enough, [...]

NFT Scams – How They Work and How To Spot Them

In recent years, the market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) experienced a significant increase with its value exceeding $23 billion last year alone, according to DappRadar. However, this growth also led to an increase in NFT scams where bad actors stole login credentials or deceived buyers. In this blog, we explain how these scams operate [...]

Credit Card Fraud VS. Debit Card Fraud: Are you Protected?

Do you know that how you dispute fraudulent charges on a debit card is different than on a credit card? Consumer protection laws differ in each case and knowing the differences can help to keep your accounts safe from identity theft. Mainly, if you need to dispute a fraudulent debit card charge, the funds you [...]

Crypto Scams are On The Rise. Here’s out How To Avoid Them

Cryptocurrency scams have become increasingly common as the popularity of digital assets continues to rise. With the potential for significant financial losses, knowing how to help avoid falling victim to these scams is crucial. This blog covers the most prevalent crypto scams and provide tips on helping protect yourself. The Basics on Cryptocurrency What [...]

Tax Season Scams: How to Protect Your Identity

While it’s important to be on high alert and protect your identity all year long, tax season is an especially vulnerable time. Every tax season, identity thieves run a variety of scams to get their hands on taxpayers’ personal information. Many scams occur, but most have a common goal: filing a fraudulent tax return [...]

The IRS Phone Scam: Understanding the Tactics Used by Fraudsters

Tax season allows con artists to scam taxpayers out of their hard-earned money each year in the United States. These scams range from simple to sophisticated, but many are initiated using a single phone call. Here’s how phone fraudsters are targeting taxpayers this tax season and how you can spot an IRS phone scam. [...]

How to Protect Yourself from Airline Scams

Scammers are always looking for ways to take advantage of people, and the airline industry is no exception. Whether through fake airline ticket booking sites or fake flight cancellation emails, travelers need to be vigilant and protect themselves from airline scams. In this blog, we provide tips and advice on recognizing and avoiding airline [...]

Romance Scams and Relationship Scams: What’s the Difference?

Romance Scams Romance scams are a type of fraud that involves criminals using deception to take advantage of victims looking for companionship. These scams typically involve criminals posing as potential partners on dating websites or social media platforms. They can often use fake profiles and photos. And they often claim to be from another [...]

5 Common Hotel Scams and How to Avoid Them

Staying at a hotel should be an enjoyable experience. But unfortunately, there are many scams out there that can make it a nightmare. To help protect your personal information and money, it is important to be aware of the most common hotel scams and how to help avoid them. 5 Common Hotel Scams Hotels [...]

What Happens If You Open a Spam Email on Your Phone?

Spam emails only become dangerous depending on how you handle them. So, while opening a spam email won't necessarily cause harm, what you do next is crucial. This blog will discuss what you can do if you accidentally open a spam email on your smartphone. What Happens If You Accidentally Open a Spam Email [...]

What You Should Know About ‘Pig Butchering Scams’

Scammers are back at it again with a new scheme – called “pig butchering scams” – that targets people looking for love online. This highly sophisticated scam lures people into long-term relationships before selling them on fake online investment opportunities.  The scam is quickly spreading. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center recently saw more than [...]

Looking for Love Online? Be Aware of Scammers and Fraud

Most people know a couple who met on an online dating site. What was once a stigma has now become commonplace as access to the internet has grown, and so has the number of online dating sites. Finding love online is now as simple as downloading an [...]

SIM Swap Scams: How SIM Swapping Works and How To Protect Yourself

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, SIM swap scams are on the rise. The FBI reported that they had received 1,611 SIM swapping complaints with losses of more than $68 million in 2021. If you're unfamiliar with this scam, it takes advantage of people's lack of knowledge of how SIM cards work and [...]

What is Shoulder Surfing?

Shoulder surfing is a type of identity theft practice where someone tries to steal confidential information by spying over their target's shoulder. The objective of shoulder surfing is to steal sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers or personal identification numbers (PINs) that can later be used to access accounts for financial gain.

How to Not Get Scammed Buying Tickets

If attending the biggest sporting events, festivals and concerts is a big part of your vacation plans, it can be a bummer to find out that the ticket deal you scored is a scam. After all, you are making a hefty investment to be there, which you know after budgeting out your vacation. And it [...]

Tax Preparer Fraud: How to Choose the Right Tax Preparer

With the tax season back, so are tax preparer fraudsters. While many trustworthy and honest tax preparers are willing to help you complete your tax returns, it’s still good to be cautious, especially when you want to protect your identity. Here’s how to avoid tax preparer fraud and what to look for when choosing [...]

How Can College Students Avoid Identity Theft?

College students have many different things competing for their attention, from classes to school activities to an active social life. With all these demands, fighting identity theft might not seem like a pressing matter. But students are prime targets for identity theft, which can cause long-term damage to their finances and credit. Why Are [...]

How Are Elderly Americans Vulnerable to Identity Theft?

Elderly Americans are facing a drastic increase in cybercrime, identity theft and financial abuse. Adults over age 60 last year reported $1.3 billion in cybercrime losses to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) – a 74% increase from the previous year. The fact is, older Americans are a popular target for criminals who [...]

Can Someone Change Your Address Without Your Knowledge?

No one ever expects to be a victim of identity theft. But the unfortunate truth is that it happens more often than you might think. According to AARP, one in four people is the victim of identity theft in the United States. Unfortunately, criminals don't always need your personal information to steal your identity [...]

How to Avoid Rideshare Scams While Traveling

If you’re planning a vacation around the country, traveling has never been easier, especially with so many rideshare opportunities available to make it easy to get around. Apps like Uber and LYFT are highly accessible and easy to use. Many people rely on them, but it’s important to know that ride sharing apps are associated [...]

How to Help Protect Your Identity Offline

The media often covers data breaches and cyberattacks that expose the personal data of large groups of people, leaving them vulnerable to identity theft and other forms of fraud. One of the best ways to help protect yourself from digital threats like these is to safeguard your data online. But your personal data isn’t just [...]

4 Ways to Avoid Payment App Scams

Peer-to-peer, or P2P, payment platforms like PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp are popular because they’re quick, convenient, and easy ways to send money to other people electronically. When used as intended, payment apps are relatively safe, but they lack some fraud protections and features that traditional payment methods like credit cards and debit cards have. There [...]

4 Tips to Help Avoid Identity Theft During the Homebuying Process

When you apply for a mortgage loan to buy a home, you have to share a lot of personal information with your mortgage broker and lender. You may need to provide sensitive information such as your name, address, Social Security number, pay stubs, bank statements, information about your investment and retirement accounts, copies of your [...]

6 Common Facebook Marketplace Scams and How to Avoid Them

Are you looking to sell a couch, buy gently used patio furniture or offload that baby swing sitting in your basement for years? Facebook’s Marketplace is a one-stop platform that lets you do all of this – connecting you beyond your friend network to members of your community, enabling you to buy and sell [...]

How to Protect Yourself from Rental Scams

Competition grows fiercer by the day in the nation’s hottest housing markets, and that translates to a competitive rental market as well. But this uptick in demand for apartments and rental homes has resulted in a tighter rental market, opening the door for scammers preying on the desperate. In fact, the Better Business Bureau warns renters [...]

Common Tech Support Scams and How to Avoid Them

These days, we live our lives online. Whether we’re ordering groceries or looking for new shoes, all we need to do is create an account, fill out some basic personal details and log in. But what happens when that account is compromised – or when we think that account is compromised? Maybe you get an [...]

Avoid Fake Donation Sites Amid the Russia-Ukraine War

Times of tragedy often bring out acts of charity. But unfortunately, they also bring out scammers hell-bent on exploiting the situation. And the Russian-Ukraine War is no different. As Russia continues to invade Ukraine, more and more Ukrainians are getting displaced, and millions are fleeing the country. So, it makes sense for people to [...]

How to Avoid and Report Boss Scams

A boss scam is a phishing (email) or smishing (text messages) scam used by hackers. Hackers send fraudulent emails or texts in the boss scam, impersonating your boss or another executive. Information gathered through such scams can then be used for illegal activities and identity theft. The Better Business Bureau has warned the public [...]

SIM Swapping Attacks on the Rise- Here’s How to Keep Safe

SIM swapping, also called SIM splitting or hijacking, is a technique employed by online fraudsters to gain access to, seize and control a victim's phone number and SIM information. They gain access to the victim’s identity and information through their phone company and use the information to conduct theft and other fraudulent activities online. Recently, [...]

Can Robocalls Steal Your Identity?

Have you ever received a call to update your car warranty, but you have no car? Did the message sound like a recording? Well, that’s a robocall or an automated call. A robocall is a pre-recorded message delivered by a computerized dialer. These calls are often associated with telemarketing companies and political parties. But, [...]

How to Spot a Fake Shopping Website this Holiday Season

Americans are expected to spend $1.2 trillion this holiday season, with the majority of shoppers planning to buy most of their gifts online. Unfortunately, all that online spending is a huge motivator for scammers. Cyber-criminals set up fake shopping websites with the aim of selling consumers knockoff goods, stealing their information, or just taking their [...]

Gift Card Scams and How to Avoid Them

Gift cards can make for great gifts. They show your loved ones that you know their interests and give them the option to pick something of their own choice. They're an ideal gift for the upcoming holiday celebrations because they're an excellent way to work around product shortages and shipping delays. Problems with the [...]

8 Common Identity Theft Scams

Would you believe that incidents of identity fraud increased by more than 40% from 2019 to 2020? A report created by GIACT titled U.S. Identity Theft: The Stark Reality found financial loss related to identity theft rose by approximately 42% in 2020. With that huge increase, how can you protect yourself? The answer is [...]

Tips to Avoid Holiday Job Scams

During the holiday season, many begin looking to earn some extra cash by picking up some seasonal work. But all may not be merry and bright with scammers ramping up during the holidays. Along with legitimate “Now Hiring” signs dotting retail stores and restaurants across the United States, job ads are popping up in social [...]

3 Steps to Take if You Are the Victim of Unemployment Benefits Fraud

Although the pace of layoffs and new applications for unemployment benefits has slowed, fraud attempts have not. Scammers continue to use the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to file fraudulent unemployment claims, often using someone else’s identity. These schemes are widespread and affect most states. Last year, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) received more [...]

How to Spot a Debt Collection Scam

When creditors sell your unpaid debt to a collection agency, the debt collector can call you directly to try and collect what you owe. But criminals posing as legitimate debt collectors may also target you, using deception or intimidation to collect debts you don’t owe, or they have no authority to collect. Top 4 Debt [...]

Check Scams are on the Rise – Here’s How to Keep Safe

Check scams are staging a comeback as criminals continue to seize on the confusion the COVID-19 pandemic has created in people’s lives and finances. Recently, Wells Fargo sent a message to bank customers warning them to be on the lookout for check scammers. One age group in particular – the 18 to 24 group [...]

Here Are the Top 3 Online Scams and How to Avoid Them

The recent Federal Bureau of Investigations Internet Crime Report shows that cybercrime has spiked, leaving hundreds of thousands of victims and costing more than $4 billion. The FBI received a record number of reports last year totaling 791,790, a 69% growth from 2019. Moreover, losses due to internet crime increased by $700 million, growing from [...]

How Can I Protect My Personal Information After a Data Breach?

On average there are three data breaches a day, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center. So, that means your personal information might be at risk. If you’ve been notified you have been compromised in a data breach or suspect your personal information has been exposed, here are some concrete steps you can take to [...]

How Cybercriminals Use Stolen Personal Data for Tax Fraud

When an identity thief has purchased your personal information from a data breach, they can use it for all manner of malicious purposes. One common use is tax identity theft. This means a criminal might have purchased your bank account details and tax documents online and then have authenticated access to your bank account. Then [...]

How Cybercriminals Profit from a Data Breach

If you’re still under the impression that hacking is restricted to hoodie-wearing individuals in darkened rooms, then you might be vastly underestimating the scale of the data breach problem.   Last year alone more than 300 million consumers were impacted by data breaches, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center. Let’s break down how cybercriminals [...]

What is Identity Theft Insurance?

Identity theft insurance is a type of insurance policy that can help victims recover from losses caused by identity theft. It may be offered as a standalone policy, or as a benefit with other types of insurance or identity protection plans. Not all identity theft insurance policies offer the same level of coverage. If you’re [...]

Don’t Fall Victim to COVID-19 Vaccine Phishing Schemes

As the COVID-19 vaccine continues to become available to more people, be aware of potential phishing scams related to the vaccine. It’s important to stay vigilant to certain warning signs prevent you from being a phishing scam. Two vaccines to prevent coronavirus infections have now been granted authorization for emergency use. Every day thousands of [...]

4 Identity Theft Myths to Stop Believing

Identity theft has been around for a long time, and it continues to evolve and adapt with the times. With the variety of scams out there, it’s easy to get bogged down in rumors and half-truths. When it comes to identity theft, you need to avoid believing misinformation and spreading it to others. Here [...]

Fake Employer Scams Soar During Coronavirus Pandemic

As unemployment numbers continue to climb, so do fake employer scams that are preying on those searching for work. In fact, there have been triple-digit increases in fake employer scams that aim to gain access to personal and financial information during the COVID-19 pandemic. Online human resources schemes where criminals pose as potential employers have [...]

Credit Card Fraud Can Happen to Anyone – Even TV Personality Sharon Osborne and Rocker Husband Ozzy

Anyone can fall victim to credit card fraud.  Take television personality Sharon Osborne, for instance. “The Talk”  host recently shared with viewers she and rocker husband Ozzy were credit card fraud victims, according to FOX News. Osbourne revealed, “Someone rang up charges and maxed out Ozzy's card and my card. I called through to the [...]

How to Help Protect a Deceased Loved One from Identity Theft

No one is completely safe from identity theft – not even after they die. In a form of identity theft known as “ghosting”, criminals can use a deceased person’s personal information to file false tax returns, claim Social Security benefits, open fraudulent loans and credit cards and more. Millions of deceased Americans have their [...]

Phishing and Malware Attacks Most Common Techniques for Credential Theft

Every day we use our personal information for access to online accounts, smart devices and other resources. This happens so frequently that the sensitivity of credential information can be taken for granted. A recent study by password management company LastPass found that a staggering 61 percent of business users reuse the same passwords for [...]

How to Help Protect Your Medical Records from Cybercriminals

Medical records are a prime target for cybercriminals, and data breaches are a frequent occurrence in the health care industry. These records are valuable because they may contain a large variety of personal information, including your name, address, insurance information, Social Security number (SSN) and medical history. Medical records can be used to commit [...]

Google and Amazon Customers Top List of Brand Phishing Targets

Scammers are now targeting Google and Amazon customers the most frequently with brand phishing attacks, according to a new report. A recent study by security company Check Point found that Google and Amazon customers tie for the most phishing attacks aiming to steal their personal information at 13% of total attacks during the second quarter [...]

How to Avoid Coronavirus Contact Tracer Scams

Across the country, states have implemented contact tracing programs to help track the spread of the coronavirus. Contact tracing is the process of finding individuals who have come in contact with a person who has COVID-19, learning about their movements and asking them to quarantine or monitor their symptoms. Contact tracers are hired by [...]

Donating to Charity? Follow These Best Practices to Avoid Fraud

Whether you’re giving money to help those in need during the coronavirus pandemic or supporting political activism, donating to charity is a worthy endeavor. If you’re donating to charity for the first time or you’ve been supporting your favorite causes for years, it’s a good idea to ensure your donation is safe and the [...]

How Early Detection Can Minimize the Damage Done by Identity Theft, Especially During COVID-19

Protecting your identity is an essential aspect of maintaining healthy credit and financial security. This is especially true in the age of COVID-19 scams, data breaches, cybersecurity threats and identity theft, when becoming a victim of fraud can do lasting damage to your credit and finances. The longer that identity theft continues unnoticed, the [...]

Beware of Scammers Using Coronavirus Website Domain Names

Scammers have been registering coronavirus-related domain website names daily in order to commit fraud, according to new reports. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercriminals have been registering malicious sites with names that include “coronavirus” and “COVID-19”. They also are using combinations of the pandemic names and the word “vaccine”. Reports are showing malicious [...]

Hackers Preying on Pandemic: 5 Common Sense Tools to Protect Yourself

With hackers and scammers going to unprecedented lengths to steal information during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to know about tools you can use to help make it more difficult for criminals to access your information. While data security and identity theft are complicated issues, taking steps to reduce your exposure doesn’t have to [...]

Working From Home? Make Sure Your Data is Secure

As many of us are working from home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, now is the time to be especially vigilant when it comes to protecting personal and business data online. Here are three tips to help secure your data. 1. Use a virtual private network (VPN). Securing employee access with a VPN can give [...]

Watch Out for Scams This Holiday Season

This holiday season alone, retail industry professionals expect Americans to spend more than $1 trillion. Criminals see this increased spending as an opportunity to rip off consumers, steal their money, and obtain their personal data to commit fraud and identity theft. It pays to be vigilant. Here are four types of scams to watch [...]

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