It’s natural to feel sleepless, worried and anxious once you realize you’ve become a victim of identity theft. You might wonder what to do. You might also wonder if you should report the identity theft to police. Here’s help in finding out if you should report identity theft to your local police department.

When Should You File an Identity Theft Police Report?

 When identity theft takes place, the first place to let people know is your friends and family, in case the identity theft tries to reach out to them as you. Next comes your clients, creditors, investors, and other parties. Then you have government offices, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles, or other departments that are relevant to the nature of your identity theft.

And you should go to your local police department and file a report. A police report is important to have when your creditor asks for evidence as part of your identity theft.  It’s also important because:

  • The police often have access to a broader domain of investigation than niche market investigation bureaus.
  • The police also have a valuable database that can help you find those responsible for the theft.
  • The police can conduct parallel investigations to lessen the load on other parties when the case gets too scattered or complex for single-handed dealing.

Tips On Filing an Identity Theft Report

 When you report identity theft to the police, make sure you provide as much detail as you can. The police report you file will include the specific details of the chain of events, people you suspect and more advanced information, which may consist of the technical aspects of the theft. This report can easily be twice the length of a routine police report.

How to Help Minimize Identity Theft Damage

 While identity theft is a growing risk, you can take steps to contain the damage. It’s essential to have identity theft protection. You may freeze your credit to help lessen the financial damage.

Bottom Line

 Although it’s a harrowing experience, the truth is that you can recover from the consequences of identity theft. As for the police, they’re certainly a reliable resource and a police report is an important part of the recovery process.