For International Women’s Day 2020, IDIQ® cybersecurity influencer Gabby Oglesby interviewed Alyssa Miller, a very well-established hacker and security evangelist in the cybersecurity industry. She provided incredible cybersecurity tips – everything from unbreakable passwords to avoiding getting hacked on social media to protecting yourself over public Wi-Fi.

Miller said people’s biggest mistake when getting hacked is using the same password for multiple accounts.

“It’s all about passwords,” she said. “If there is one thing I can change, it would be to help people understand how to be secure with passwords. People reusing the same password on a hundred different sites, it leads to this idea of what we call credential stuffing.”

Credential stuffing is a cyberattack when stolen usernames and passwords are used in attempts to break into other accounts.

Miller said, “If one site gets exposed, and my password gets exposed, typically it’s associated with an email address or associated with a user ID I use everywhere. So, attackers, when they get that information, they just go to other common websites, different social media platforms, and just try that same combination of user id and password or email and password and that’s how they are breaking into people. So, you find somebody who’s using the same password on their dating app that they are using for online banking and suddenly now really easy to break in and get into their account.”

International Women's Day

For International Women’s Day, a female hacker and security advocate provides tips on protecting your identity.

Find out more tips on how to avoid being hacked by watching the full interview with Miller on the IdentityIQ YouTube channel.